Renewables’ Capacity Eclipses Coal’s

There is some really positive news as 2016 draws to a close. You may have seen  headlines about renewables overtaking coal in world energy supplies. The full story is a bit more complicated. Renewables are now ahead of coal in terms of capacity. In  terms of generation, coal still provided 40% of world electricity generation in 2015 with renewables accounting for 23%. The International Energy Agency (which represents all energy sources) has just updated its projections and now expects renewables to overtake coal in generation by 2030.

This will require substantial investment, but the economics is heading in renewables’ direction, whilst fossil fuels stand increasing risk of becoming ‘stranded assets’. So its perhaps no great surprise that the fossil fuel divestment movement is gaining so much momentum. This month, divestment decisions (not all implemented at once) total $5trillion and in the UK, Southwark Council has just  become the second local authority to decide on complete divestment. Read the story of their campaign here.

Political leaders will come and go. There have been and will be setbacks. But the fossil fuel era is coming to an end. And we can all help make that happen sooner rather than later.
So, as we prepare for a new year, how about making the Geetotal Commitment as your new year resolution. The Commitment has been designed to be do-able however tight things are for you in terms of money or time. And if you have made the Geetotal Commitment, how about looking for new things you can do in 2017. There are plenty of ideas through links on our website.


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