Talking Climate Change to the Right

Hi All

First, some good news – thanks to solar energy, for the first time in the UK, on Saturday 15th March, electricity demand from the grid was lower in the afternoon than at night.

And on polling evidence, most people in the UK  support renewable energy.

Next a challenge –

What is the best approach to talking about climate change  with people whose political views are on the centre right? A new guide has been produced by Climate Outreach and the Climate Coalition.

It makes interesting reading. Two examples of ways to engage:

– “Great British Energy”: patriotic support for the UK’s flourishing low-carbon energy technologies, and

– a focus on avoiding waste as a critical part of saving energy.

We can each try and  set ourselves a challenge to strike up a conversation on climate change with a friend who has a centre right outlook.

And it’s not too late:

If you observe Lent, here is an invitation to a Carbon  Fast for Lent

The Moderator for the  Church of South India, Most Rev.Thomas K Oommen,  has suggested a new way of observing Lent:   “I challenge all of you to go a step forward and deeper by initiating a ‘Carbon Fast’. More details at



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