Hurricane Harvey and climate change

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Three  key items this month.

Hurricane Harvey and climate change
Climate change is about climate not weather. The clue is in the name. No single weather event can be said to be due to climate change. But extreme weather events ae becoming  more frequent and more severe due to climate change.40 million people have been affected this year by extreme weather events. There are three key ways in which Hurricanes like Harvey are made worse by climate change

  • warmer water: more evaporation and more rain
  • higher storm surges through higher sea levels
  • warmer air, more severe storm effects, see

Think positive
Optimism is in the air and for most of us being optimistic helps us to take action. Take a look at the positive stories in this Eco Guide to Optimism.

For example:

“last year global emissions plateaued while growth has continued. Previously emissions have only plateaued during recessions. This suggests we are starting to unlink greenhouse gas emissions from production and consumption”


“Wind and solar made up three-quarters of new energy capacity and coal demand was cut by 10%”

More good news stories also from Go Fossil Free with 100 organisations making the decision to disinvest.

Fossil fuel divestment

And still on Fossil fuel divestment take a look at Christian Aid’s Clean Up Our Cash Campaign for September and October. In this campaign, every day in September and October, campaigners will visit a high street branch of one of the biggest UK banks.

Would you like to join in?



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