Flooding and Climate Change

Flood risks have not had much prominence in the news this winter, but a new study should give us pause for thought. The study, by Newcastle University, analysed changes in flooding, droughts and heatwaves for every European city using all climate models. Looking at the impact by the year 2050-2100, the team produced results for three possible outcomes – low, medium and high-impact scenarios. But even the most optimistic case showed 85% of UK cities with a river, including London, would face increased flooding. In the high-impact scenario, some cities and towns in the UK and Ireland could see the amount of water per flood as much as double. The worst affected is Cork, which could see 115% more water per flooding, while Wrexham, Carlisle, Glasgow, and Chester could all see increases of more than 75%.

The increase in severity in the predicted impact has come after the team, in a first of its kind, examined all three climate hazards together in the largest study of its kind ever undertaken. The study also projects very severe heatwaves in southern Europe.

At a global level,  world scientists have sent us all another clear message. Having digested that, take a look at these Eleven Reasons for Hope, from Friends of the Earth and here are some great stories from the Global Footprint Network

This month’s action?  How about signing the Avaaz pledge:
As a citizen concerned about animal welfare, climate change, and biodiversity, I pledge to eat less meat (or no meat at all!), and encourage workplaces, schools, supermarkets, and restaurants to join in helping spread this critical culture change more widely. T will help animals, the planet, and my health, and contribute to keeping our planet safe for future generations.
More on Plant Power next month…