The Geetotal Commitment

I am willing to join others in making the geetotal COPS commitment. From now on, together as a community, we commit to adding no more to the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions For my part, I will …

Keep the emissions resulting from my lifestyle as low as I reasonably can. I accept that choices over what is reasonable are personal and I will respect others who make different choices to me. Read more

At least once a year, I will assess my greenhouse gas emissions and the cost of offsetting these. If I regard this cost as readily affordable for me, I will meet this cost each year. If I don’t, with no names given, I will ask the geetotal community to share this cost. If I have sufficient income I will help meet these costs. Read more

Spend a minute a month. Once a month, I will spend a minute adding my name to the geetotal community voice which will put growing pressure on Governments, investment funds and others for responsible action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at an adequate pace. Read more

At appropriate times, I will share what I am doing with my friends and neighbours.” Read more